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Loft Conversion Essex

Time to Inspire the Onlookers with Innovative Loft Conversions

Attics are always treated as the place where you stuff junks. Most of the items that you keep there are broken or unused. With the increasing number of members in the family, you need to be more creative in utilizing the space of your loft. Loft Conversions are a great way of adding an extra space to your house and bring a drastic change into your attic. There is no particular building regulation that you need to follow; and, just access through the staircases will be enough.

A simple Velux loft conversion is often the most affordable solution. You may even think of decorating it furthermore. Scroll down for more practical inspirations-

Exposing brickwork

When you need quick Attic Conversions, leave one wall unpainted by exposing the brickwork. It will add a stylish feature to your attic and make the slanting ceilings look great. In case the bricks are not in great condition, you can also consider wallpapers to create the same effect.

An open balcony

The open balcony concept is a great choice for converting lofts. All you need to execute this idea is a wide roofing space for carefully creating an opulent balcony and make your property look attractive instantly. You may also think of installing double doors to do the trick.

Convert a narrow children’s bedroom

Kids are always fond of their own rooms. While you need an extra bedroom, try to reconfigure your loft into making their dream space. The bunk bed concept will add more feel along with stuff their favourite toys to make the room even more attractive.

You can even think of getting a study or office room. All you need to do is connect with a professional contractor and create a useful area out of your attic space. The Loft Worm based in Essex can help you with getting further ideas for turning your loft into a practical conversion. Make your home beautiful and achieve your dream space without any hassle right away.