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Loft Conversion In Essex

4 steps of planning to get the best loft conversion in your neighbourhood!

Often we may need to add extra room for the kids,  or we may need an additional bedroom for our guests. A loft conversion can be the ideal solution for you in these cases. Loft conversions are becoming more popular in Essex. The process mainly includes the transformation of the unused attic area into a more useful space

Here are some steps with which you can plan for a flawless loft conversion.

  • First of all, before you call a property conversion company, you need to measure the area of the attic to understand whether making a room in the space of the Loft is possible or not. The measurement from the floor to the roof ideally needs to be 2.3 metres so that the place is comfortable for the person.
  • There are mainly two methods when it comes to loft conversions. The first is the roof window conversion method, where large windows are installed in the attic for additional ventilation and light. Another type is dormer conversion where there is an extension of the roof of the attic. It is important to make the best decision that will look the best for your property.
  • Often to alter your property, there might be some regulations that you may have to follow because of the administrative rules. You need to make sure that you follow all rules and regulations when getting a loft conversion.
  • A poorly planned and executed property conversion can degrade the value of your property whereas a flawlessly implemented conversion can add a lot of value to the property.

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