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Loft Conversion In Essex

Is Your Home Ready For A Loft Conversion?

Many homeowners in the UK today are going in for loft conversions. Opposed to popular belief, this lifestyle trend is not restricted to the inner city boroughs of London such as Chelsea, Kensington or Westminster.

Loft conversions are primarily driven by the high cost of relocation. Property prices have risenheavily and to make matters worse, so has the stamp duty on properties. So, if a household is in need of extra space, converting the loft is an efficient and cost-effective way of meeting the demand of customers.

Unfortunately, not all lofts can be converted into useful space. If you are planning a loft conversion, the following points will help you assess if you can go through with the project or not.

The height of the ceiling

For your remodeling project to pass building regulations, the height of your ceiling should be at least 2.2 metres from the highest point to the floor joist. There are ways to increase ceiling height. Unfortunately.

Staircase access

Needless to say, you cannot convert your loft if you do not have stairway access. Additionally, building regulations will not allow you to convert the loft without staircases. Your stairway should have headroom of at least 1.9m. It should have a maximum pitch of 42 degrees. There are no minimum width requirements.

Flat owner loft conversion

If you own a flat, you can still convert the loft. Of course, in order to do so, you must enjoy the exclusive right of ownership to the loft space. Furthermore, you will need additional agreements with your fellow flat owners who own the areas around you.


In the UK, the criteria to procure permits differ from borough to borough. Subject to the laws of the area you live in, the criteria could differ even within the borough. For instance, not all loft conversions require permits if you live in a conservation area.

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